XLR 14 Rehab


XLR 14 w/ Rehab Seating System

The XLR 14 Power Chair is equipped with large 14” Drive Wheels. The self-adjusting Mid-Wheel Drive suspension system is matched with four independently suspended front and rear casters. This provides the added stability of having six points of contact with the ground. When accompanied with the full independent suspension system, the XLR14 provides a smooth driving experience that will handle virtually any driving surface. A natural fit with our power tilt seating system, which offers 50˚ of tilt. The XLR 14 also has a flip forward seat for easy battery access to our Xtra Long Range battery options, and comfortably accommodates a 300 lb. weight capacity.

The XLR 14 Power Chair also showcases a revolutionary rehab seating system, which is a standout feature in its design. This system includes 7/8" OD seat back cane tubing, providing robust support and durability. Complementing this, a back-mounted spreader bar, extending 4" deep, ensures enhanced stability and user comfort. This innovative seating arrangement is versatile enough to accommodate a wide range of seating and positioning products from various manufacturers, making it a highly adaptable solution for diverse user needs. The integration of this seating system further elevates the XLR 14's status as a leading choice for individuals seeking a reliable, comfortable, and adaptable mobility solution.

Articulating Foot Platform

The articulating foot platform by Shoprider is a great addition to the Group 2 Complex Rehab XLR 14. It operates through the joystick and allows consumers to raise and lower their legs to relieve pressure, in addition to allowing consumers to get their legs above their heart during tilting to improve blood flow.

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